About Liz ... Chinese lanterns

Liz loved drawing and painting throughout her childhood, but studying Art at school was not an option and she was steered towards more academic subjects, none of which rivalled her fascination with Art. She trained as a teacher and was finally able to study Art as her main subject, but most of her work at college was creative embroidery and textiles rather than painting. Interestingly, many people have remarked that Liz's paintings look like needlework!

Thai-dye landscape After a varied career including teaching, professional dressmaking and design and many years working in the disability policy field, Liz unfortunately had to take early retirement due to ill health. This was a devastating blow, but finding herself with lots of time on her hands, she discovered her old art materials again and made a tentative start at painting. A short spell in a beginners class could have put an end to her art career, when she was told that her use of watercolour was too bright and bold!

Blue Odyssey
Eventually, Liz began taking her paintings to local art exhibitions and they started to sell. At one of these venues, she met Dave Marsh, who was also an artist. Their friendship blossomed into romance and eventually they set up The Elm Gallery at Addingham Moorside in 2005, which enabled them to have a permanent display of their artwork. Sadly, a combination of the recession and prolonged periods of bad weather meant that the gallery closed in January 2013, but Liz and Dave still trade as The Elm Gallery and set up regular travelling Art Shows of their work between March and October. Liz's original paintings are displayed at these shows. So far, Liz has produced over 150 paintings and most of her original work has been sold.

Liz & Dave

In November 2013, Liz and Dave got married after being together for nine and a half happy years. Liz is now Liz Marsh and all paintings done after November 2013 will be signed in her new name.

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