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Regal Liz Clarke's paintings are mostly characterised by strong, bold colours. She is predominantly a mixed media artist, often using as many as ten different art media in one painting.

Flowers and leaves are a favourite subject, and Liz invariably uses textured media on these paintings to highlight the structure of petals and foliage. (Some of the prints from these paintings are hand embellished to recreate the texture on the original painting).

Autumn magic

Trees are also a source of fascination for Liz, but she much prefers bare trees because of the twists and turns of the branches which are clearly visible in winter.

Many of her landscapes feature bare trees and it has often been said that these paintings have a naive quality.

Some of Liz's paintings have mystical or spiritual elements in them, or have a slightly surreal quality.

Announcing Autumn

Angels feature in some of her work and she has produced three of a series of four paintings about angels heralding the start of the seasons, with "Announcing Summer" still to be completed, which is perhaps symbolic of our current weather!

Visiting damselfly

Liz's paintings are inspired by the force and beauty of the natural world and the pure joy of colour. Her love of form and detail and her willingness to embrace a wide range of media and subjects have led to a collection of work which is eclectic and enchanting.

Cards, prints and other gifts made from Liz's artwork, can be purchased from the Elm Gallery online shop, which she shares with her husband and fellow artist, Dave Marsh. Liz and Dave got married in November 2013, so Liz is now Liz Marsh.

The couple exhibit at various Shows and Fairs throughout the year. About once a month, Liz and Dave hire a village hall in different locations and put on a large exhibition of original paintings and prints. This is the best time to view Liz's original paintings, but enquiries about originals can be made by phone or email at any time. (01535 632278 or 07709 223920, email